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Hockey Wilderness: Cheap Plug

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I’ve been laying low here soaking in the first few games of the playoffs and getting a kick out of Colin Campbell’s Wheel of Justice acting funny again.

In the meantime, I’ve got a new piece over at Hockey Wilderness with my friends with the Wild talking about their search for a new general manager and how the Toronto media is looking to hook their friends up again.

Oh joy, more teams to be bad like the Leafs – wonder of wonders!

Go check it out because it’s awesome and they’re bored not having anyone to root for in the playoffs.


Back on the Frontier

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It’s time for more synergistic goodness with my friends over at Hockey Wilderness in the SBN Family of awesomeness under the Lord and Ruler of the mayhem, James Mirtle.

Show some love for the denizens of the State of Hockey and for yours truly by paying them a visit today and check out my incredible change of heart as far as the Wild management goes. It’s earth-shattering news that I would only share with buddhafisch and neide and everyone else in M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A!


Trade Deadline – Going Wild!

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Very literally I’m going Wild – I’ve got a new column over at Hockey Wilderness dealing with the Wild… not dealing.

Again, as always, pay a visit over to SBN with neide and buddhafisch they do a KILLER job there covering one of the most frustrating teams in the NHL.

Be nice and lend them a soft shoulder to weep on because their team’s management hates the fans a lot.

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