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Deadline Day – Deal 9: Calgary-Anaheim Hilarity

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Anaheim gets: goaltender Curtis McElhinney

Calgary gets: goaltender Vesa Toskala



I mean… Apparently Mikka Kiprusoff needed/wanted a fellow Finnish friend to play goal with. These guys are both backups now but that doesn’t cut down on the hilarity of this in any way.

Deadline Day – Deal 8: Belanger to Washington

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Washington gets: Eric Belanger

Minnesota gets: 2nd Round pick


Yet another flexibility and depth move for the Capitals. Belanger has a little scoring touch, plays some good defense at forward and can play center or wing. The problem here for the Capitals is that they’re overburdened at the moment with forwards. With just over an hour to go til the deadline, I’d have to think there’s another move coming here.

Belanger’s contract expires at the end of the year so Minnesota had no problem moving him and getting a 2nd Round pick for him is a solid return.

Deadline Day – Deal 7: Jeff Halpern to Los Angeles

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Los Angeles gets: Jeff Halpern

Tampa Bay gets: Teddy Purcell and a 3rd Round Pick


The moment this broke it was unknown what was coming back from Los Angeles and the Kings landing Halpern is a great move for them as he’s a great penalty killer and face off man. Perfect depth move for a team looking to make a big run in the playoffs.

Giving up Teddy Purcell and a 3rd Rounder to do it is a bit of a price though. Purcell is young, has some offensive talent but was buried on the third and fourth lines for the Kings the last two years. In Tampa, he’ll get a chance to play more offensive minutes and have room to grow. This deal could work out well for both teams and it gets my stamp of mutual approval.

Deadline Day – Deal 6: Colorado-Phoenix

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Phoenix trades: Forwards Peter Mueller and Kevin Porter

Colorado trades: Wojtek Wolski


Two potential (likely) playoff teams trading off headaches. For Colorado, they add a couple of offensive players who might strongly benefit from a change of scenery. Mueller’s offensive potential is high but he’s struggled a ton in Phoenix the last couple years. Kevin Porter is a former Hobey Baker Award winner with the University of Michigan who could be a dynamic scorer if given the opportunity. Dave Tippett’s arrival in Phoenix basically closed the door on Porter (and Mueller, really) getting  a chance to flex their offensive talents.

As for Wolski, he started off the season hot for the Avalanche and while he’s cooled off a bit, he can make plays and score and the Coyotes needed someone to take Scottie Upshall’s spot in the lineup since he went down with an injury.  Wolski has speed and he’s young and he’s got a good touch with the puck.

This is a real, actual hockey trade with real actual NHL players involved. This is a deal that could shake out as great and even in the future or could look bad on Colorado if Mueller and Porter can’t shake the Phoenix funk off.

Deadline Day – Deal 5: Scott Walker to Washington

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Carolina sends forward Scott Walker to the Washington Capitals for a 7th Round pick


The Capitals add a depth forward with playoff experience and a sandpaper game to their lineup.  He’s not being brought to the Capitals to score and be a power forward, he’s there to be a force in the locker room… And to an unsuspecting opposition defenseman’s face.

This is the Capitals way of loading up for the grueling playoff run and this will help out.

Deadline Day – Deal 4: Aaron Ward to Anaheim

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Carolina trades defenseman Aaron Ward to Anaheim for goalie Justin Pogge and a 4th Round Pick


Anaheim gets a tough defenseman with tons of playoff experience.  Carolina gets a minor league journeyman goaltender with unfulfilled potential and a draft pick for their trouble.

This trade could be more important for Anaheim if they make another move later today as is rumored they might do.

Deadline Day – Deal 3: Boston & Florida

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Florida gets: Forwards Craig Weller, Byron Bitz, 2nd Round Pick

Boston gets: Defensemen Dennis Seidenberg, Matt Bartkowski (sophomore – Ohio State)


Boston gets a better defensive defenseman in Seidenberg as he’s a shot blocking freak. So they’ve got that going for them.  They hand off a bunch of blue collar spare parts in Weller and Bitz and the Bruins have draft picks to throw away and they do that here handing off a 2nd rounder to the Panthers.

Seidenberg will help out from a defensive stand point but the Bruins main issue is goal scoring and Seidenberg isn’t helping there. Expect another move or two still for Boston.

Deadline Day – Deal 2: Martin Skoula to New Jersey

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Toronto sends Martin Skoula to New Jersey for a 2010 5th round pick.


Toronto acquired Skoula from Pittsburgh last night as part of the Alexei Ponikarovsky deal, a salary dump player for the Penguins. Toronto had no room for Skoula as it was and they weren’t going to hang on to him anyways.  New Jersey gets a puck moving defenseman that head coach Jacques Lemaire knows very well and likes a lot. New Jersey could use some NHL-experienced depth at defense so the deal makes perfect sense for both sides.

Nothing really to see here, move along.

Deadline Day – Deal 1: Derek Morris to Phoenix

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Boston sends Derek Morris to Phoenix for a 2011 4th round pick.


This deal clears out salary space for Boston to make more moves later today.  Depending on how the rest of the day and season goes for Boston, the signing of Morris at the beginning of the year will call into question the wisdom of Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli signing Morris (and others) to such fat contracts while letting the team’s only goal scorer twist in the wind and eventually get traded.

We’ll see how this pans out the rest of the day for Boston, clearly they’re angling to just get into the playoffs and hope to get hot. Of course they could be setting up to face either Pittsburgh or Washington so picking one’s poison might not be so awesome here.

NHL Trade Deadline – A Hockey Fan’s Internet Keg Party

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It’s March 3rd and it’s NHL Trade Deadline Day.  Come 3pm Eastern time, everyone in the NHL will have decided whether they’re going all in or selling off and cashing in until next year or figuring they’ve got the horses to keep going through the playoffs… Or they just don’t want to bone over their own future.

So many possibilities.  So many opportunities.  So many futures with the potential to be vastly improved or irreparably destroyed.  If anything else, I’d say it’s like sitting around watching and waiting to see if a tsunami was going to hit a major metropolitan area and wipe it off the face of the map.

Too soon?

Who is in and who is out? Those are the questions today and all morning and afternoon it’s going to be talked about over at Hockey Independent starting at 9 AM, bright and early with a live chat show.  XM Home Ice personalities are jumping in, assorted sports writers are jumping in, blogger psychos like Face Off Hockey Show’s Scotty Wazz are jumping in… It’s just enough to bring a tear to my eye if I wasn’t a cold-hearted son of a bitch.

Come for the trade breakdowns and information, stay for the warm fuzzies your host B.D. Gallof will give you as he plays the part of ringmaster to this hockey circus.

As for what’s going on here, as deals come down, I’ll post them and give my instant snap judgment on who wins and loses.  Yeah, I’ll be flying by the seat of my pants… If I opt to even wear pants that is.  See, things just got way more sexy.

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